RAM Records acquired by BMG


RAM Records; one of the longest standing and most well respected labels in the Drum and Bass genre, has throughout recent years developed into a point of contention for fans of the music. Some still herald it as the greatest DNB label there is, whilst others slate it for outputting relatively 'mainstream', radio friendly music. Whatever your perspective, it's no secret that RAM's dedication to quality and forward-thinking attitude towards drum and bass music has cemented its standing as the largest label in the genre over the last 20 odd years.

Today, we have some breaking news regarding RAM Records, in what retrospectively seems like a very unsurprising turn of events: RAM is at least partially changing hands via an investment by BMG.

According to this article on the BMG website, BMG UK EVP Alexi Cory-Smith said, “If ever a label could be said to have defined a genre, it’s Ram. We are delighted to be able to help Andy C and Scott take Ram to the next level.”

As of yet the details of this transaction are unclear, as are the implications of what this means for the future output of the label, although it seems that upcoming scheduled releases will still go ahead as planned.

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